CCTV cameras are proven to be a very reliable and cost effective way of protecting not just your property, but the people and items of value inside it. ​

We offer CCTV and alarm installations to protect your home and business.

From wired to wireless CCTV and the ability to remote access from anywhere in the world.

We will tailor your new CCTV system to your exact specifications and requirements.


Require extensive surveillance throughout your property or just need a camera to cover a dead spot somewhere on your premises?


We have a system to suit your needs.

Our systems offer the following features:

  • Network camera

  • Zoom functionality 

  • Hard drive recording

  • Motion Capability

  • Night vision

  • Remote access to view live footage on smart phone

  • We can also provide Network camera installations in remote areas with no internet using a 4G system.



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Access live footage & get alerts on your mobile device anywhere in the world!

Telephone: 01366 444 121

Mobile: 07525 488 127